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artist type: Digital Artist, Graphic Designer
┌>see Ref :D
├>Orange fur with turquoise markings
├>Right feedpaw is red, left ist grey
├>Brown mane with gets orange and Red in the top part
└>turquoise eyes and one fang with two turquoise rings in it
─>Hetreo with an urge to asexuality
─>19th August
Physical Appearance:
└>Much experience
└>Some times very aggressive
└>no sleep
└>Video and Sound Editing
┌>Audio and light equipment
├>Good musik
├>Different knifes
└>very rare custom rifle
I was born in the war between Aliens and Animals. I dont remember much details. I got a good education as warrior and completet it fast and as one of the best so i got involved in a special team witch should destroy the alien ship. I just remember that all of my mates died and i cot kidnaped by the aliens. They made different experiments on me who where realy painfull and disturbing. This was the time i got my markings and the one saber grow unusual long. A few days before i could escape the aliens captivity they build a exoskeleton around my bones. It was one of they first and ony why the didnt blocked me out of the systhem i could hack it and cutt me out of they network and they controll. After this i destroyed the ship and got sucked in a other universe where i went in captivity again and again they made experiments with me but not to test anything more to look what am i and how i work. Cause i had implanted some different chips i could learn they language fast and explayn what happend and who am i. I dont know how long i lived in captivity there but i didnt felt bad i could do a lot of stuff and the guard was nice to me but one day a guy from the, i think he called it Navysights or seals i realy dont know it anymore, came to me and sayed that he want me in a special team. I could get everything i want but i have to be calm about the projekt and team. I acepted the job and traveled around the half world in a city where Furrys and humans live together but the furrys are get treated like rubbish. I had to protect the human President in the city but i leaved my team and supported the furry-rebellion and together we blow up the complete city. After some years we did this the guy who recruited me called and sayed that i completed the job better than no one else had it and i am now free. I asked him if i could get some support from they facility and he sayed yes.
And now i live in a nice house on the coutry side next to a old barracks where i hide different stuff i collected over the years. Sometimes i feel very lonley and want a girl/women who support me

Anyone want a hug?

I share free hugs so if anyone want one or two just come over and get them


June 28, 2018, 8:47 pm posted by Dan the fluffy lion